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Turn Away No Longer's mission is to positively impact the lives of children in the foster care system, primarily by fulfilling their needs as well as creating opportunities for individual growth and development. No child should feel "forgotten" or "unloved" and we strive to show them the love of Jesus in every program we create.

Our vision is to improve the lives of our foster youth, to give each child the ability to thrive even under the most heartbreaking of circumstances. Our organization is built on community and our faith in Jesus. We have been called to take care of the orphans and that is our mission. We partner with individuals, churches, companies and community partners to give much needed resources to foster youth through our Care4Kidz program and Katie's Closet; our foster closet for Indiana children.

Turn Away No Longer, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit faith based community organization that was created in Oct. 2020. TANL currently works with Benchmark Family Services, KidsPeace-Muncie, IN and the Indiana Department of Child Services. Because of the love and support of our communities, we have been able to provide children entering into foster care with much needed items through our Swag Pack initiative. We have a huge vision for 2022 starting with the creation of the TANL House "Changing the way foster care begins".



Our Care4Kidz program 'Swag Pack' initiative provides children entering foster care with items they are in need of. Often times, children come into care with nothing but the clothes they have on. Your donations provide these items to the little ones and we are thankful for you ❤️


SWAG PACKS are the cool name for the backpacks we stuff with pajamas, a warm blanket, hygiene items, socks, undergarments, coloring books, crayons and other activity items along with a teddy bear or stuffed animal to hold. Each Swag Pack contains a personal and encouraging note to tell a child; you do matter, we care, God loves you and God has a plan for you.


We give Swag Packs to children who are removed from home to enter foster care. Swag Packs provide the children a bit of comfort in having something of their very own to take with them to their next destination.

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